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Infused Gummies

Our gummies come in a variety of sizes and strengths.  We currently offer:


FIRE GUMMIES (200mg x 5 treats = 1000mg pack) for $20

SOUR d8/d9 Gummies (50mg x 10 treats = 500mg pack) for $15


We offer both RSO & Broad Spectrum Distillate gummies. They are 100mg each and come in a variety of packs:


$3 - 100mg single gummy

$5 - 200 mg (2 x 100mg)

$10 - 500mg (5 x 100mg)

$15 - 1000mg (10 x 100mg)


We also offer a MACRO dose option:


$25 - 2000mg (10 x 200mg)


We also offer lower dosed treats. We have a 10mg gummy and a 25mg gummy. These are typically made to order since they are not requested as much as the stronger dosages. What we offer in these are:


  • 25mg (1x25mg)
  • 50mg (2x25mg OR 5x10mg)
  • 100mg (4x25mg OR 10x10mg)
  • 200mg (8x25mg OR 20x10mg)


All flavors for gummies are variety.  If you have a specific flavor request, please contact us to see if we will be able to fulfill.

Infused Gummies

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