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420 Special 1 g. Carts

C4 is excited to announce a big sale on our 420 special 1 gram carts. We now continually make these carts in over 200 different flavors. Pricing is as follows:



$1000/ 125 units ($6/ea)

$2500/ 500 units ($5/ea)

$3500/ 1000 units ($3.50/ea)


We use 80% THC distillate, 10% True Terpenes & 10% Organic liquifier in these carts and they taste AMAZING! Our 420 special carts are now a permanant fixture to our menu, and they sell as fast as we make them!


When you order, just let us know how many flavors you want! We have a variety of Hybrid flavors, as well as Sativa-dominant & Indica-Dominant flavors. We also even have some Effects-blends. At one time we listed the flavors available on our website, but these discount carts sell just as fast as we make them, so we no longer list the flavor options. Please feel free to call us about the current flavors we have in stock.

420 Special 1 g. Carts

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