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Bulk Concentrates

Bulk Concentrates starting out at $1.25/gram! We have over 100 different strains available! The minimum order is 1 pound (454 grams). We have sugars, badders, crumbles and Isolates available!


Darker Badder will be at the $1.35/gram at 1-9 lb's and at $1.25/gram at 10+lb's.


Lighter Badder and Sugars will be at $2/gram at 1-9 lb's and $1.75/gram at 10+ lb's.


Crumble will be at $3/gram at 1-9 lb's and $2.50/gram at 10+ lb's.


Isolates and Diamonds will be at $4.50/gram at 1-10 lb's and $4/gram at 10+ lb's.  

Bulk Concentrates

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