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C4 is excited to provide the $5 MINI ... What is the MINI? Well, here at C4 we make a "mini" version of some of our regular sized products. This way your patients have the opprtunity to try a sampling of the product to see if it works for them before they spend their money buying the larger version of that product. What we have found is that the patients typically LOVE the mini-version and they typically come back to purchase the larger version of the product.


C4's "MINI" menu includes:


$5 Mini-Lotion

$5 Chapstick

$5 gummy pack (2 x 25mg OR 5 x 10mg)

$5 Mini-Tincture (2 mL, 70 mg, Broad OR Full Spectrum/RSO)

$4 single 100 mg Gummy

$3 single 25 mg gummy

$3 strain-specific Kief 1/4 gram

$3 Mini-Tincture (1 mL, 35 mg, Broad OR Full Spectrum)

$4 Vape Battery

$3 Chillum glass/silicone pipe




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