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Oklahoma's Finest Cannabis Products.

Manufactured in McAlester OK, from high grade
organic distillate.

Meet Rachel Petersen


Rachel was born and raised in Northern California in a typical All-American family of five. After high school, Rachel attended Humboldt State University in the Emerald Triangle receiving a Masters Degree in Teaching Writing.

Rachel moved to Pittsburg County’s McAlester Oklahoma in 2009. Since moving she has worked in media as a writer, the medical supply business as well as owned and operated a billiards hall. Rachel has always been a motivated entrepreneur seeking success and financial freedom for herself and those around her. 

When Oklahoma voted in medical marijuana this past November, Rachel left all other ventures and businesses to follow her dreams of growing and manufacturing cannabis. Her passion for helping those in need, combined with her drive to create a pure brand recognizable to all, is what helped inspire the
development of C4.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Choose C4?

C4 is a product unlike most. Our extraction method is free of all volatile chemicals and solvents. We create pure medical high-grade and mid-grade broad spectrum and full spectrum distillate from Oklahoma’s cleanest organic pesticide free cannabis.

The C4 vision is to maintain a consistent product that clients and their patients can count on and also adapt with the ever changing market allowing for everyone to make the most profit possible all while providing a quality and timely service to our customers and their patients. We take the consideration of our clients seriously and integrity is a priority. The relationships we build in this community is crucial to success and we treat every one of them like they are the only one.
My name is Susan Barber. I am a 47 year old woman diagnosed with systemic Lupus and severe Fibromyalgia. Before using Rachel's products I was prescribed opiates for my pain, Ambien to sleep, Lyrica for pain , Plaquinel to suppress my immune system, high power Antihistamines and steroids. Gabapentin for nerve pain, and many others. For those eleven years, my day revolved around my medicine schedule. My pain on a good day would send most people to the hospital for help. I had a nurse tell me, in one instance, that what I call a pain level of four, is what most people call an eight. I was in bed 80% of my life. As of January 2021, I have not taken pain medicine in 2 years. Rachel's tinctures and topicals help me sleep without other medication. During the day, I employ her gummies or vape products. I have eliminated 5 medications with my doctor's approval and I'm doing better than ever. I'm gardening, socializing, and even engaging in some sports! I never thought I could have my life back. I still have bad days, but those days are few and far between and I handle them knowing that I can get through them by using plant based medicine instead of the insidious drugs passed out by big pharma. If you are thinking about trying cannabis products, don't wait. I'm glad I only lost ten years, but wish I could have those ten back. Rachel is one of the finest people I know. She has helped me have a life instead of just survival. That is a win!!!!!!

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Located in McAlester, serving all of Oklahoma

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